How to Calculate Electricity Bill in Pakistan

To calculate your electricity bill in Pakistan, especially in light of manual meter readings, you can follow these steps:

  1. Daily Meter Readings: Check your meter readings daily to keep track of your electricity usage. This allows you to stay updated on your consumption and helps in anticipating your bill amount.

  2. Recording Meter Readings: Note down the readings from your electricity meter daily. You can maintain a simple log where you record the previous day’s reading and the current day’s reading.

  3. Calculate Daily Consumption: Calculate the difference between the previous day’s reading and the current day’s reading to determine your daily electricity consumption. This is usually measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

  4. Estimate Monthly Consumption: Sum up your daily consumption readings for the entire month to estimate your total monthly electricity consumption.

  5. Consult Tariff Rates: Refer to the tariff rates provided by your electricity provider to understand the cost per unit (kWh) of electricity consumed. These rates can vary depending on different slabs of consumption.

  6. Calculate Total Cost: Multiply your total monthly consumption (in kWh) by the applicable tariff rate per unit to calculate the total cost of electricity consumed for the month.

  7. Consider Additional Charges: Take into account any additional charges or taxes imposed by your electricity provider, such as service charges or government taxes.

By following these steps and regularly monitoring your meter readings, you can estimate your electricity bill in Pakistan and stay informed about your electricity usage patterns. This proactive approach also helps in identifying any discrepancies or errors in your bill, allowing you to address them promptly with your electricity provider.

How to Calculate Electricity Bills from Meter Reading & Manually

To calculate electricity bills in Pakistan, you need to know the unit price rate, which is called slab price. Now you have to see the price of the unit. The rates of units in Pakistan can decrease or increase, generating cost dependence. The price of electricity units increases with the consumption of electricity. 

To understand this, go through this unit’s prices table. After that, you will understand the unit cost will not be the same for less or more unit consumption. 

Unit Price In Pakistan

No.UnitsUnit Price (Per KWH)
01Up to 50 Units (lifeline)Rs. 7
0251-100 Units (Lifeline)Rs. 11.68
030- 100 Units Rs. 15.75
04101-200 UnitsRs. 18.07

Unit Price For Unprotected Customers

No.Number Of UnitsPrice Per Unit (KWh)
011-100Rs. 22
02101-200Rs. 32
03201-300Rs. 37
04301-400Rs. 43
05401-500Rs. 47
06501-600Rs. 49
07601-700Rs. 52
08Above 700Rs. 65

Price of Electricity Commercial Per Unit in Pakistan

Load TypePrice Per Unit
Less Than 5KW ConnectionRs.38.82 Per Unit
Less Than 5KW ConnectionRs.40.26 Per Unit