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GEPCO generates bills on varying dates across different cities. For instance, in Gujranwala, bills may arrive between the 20th to 26th of the month.

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Check Your GEPCO Online Bill for 2024

Checking your GEPCO online bill is a breeze – just visit With a single click, you can download and print your duplicate bill. This website is offered as a complimentary service to GEPCO consumers, eliminating the need to wait for bill distributors. Conveniently receive your online bill at your doorstep by visiting Simply input your 14-digit reference number, and voila! Your online bill is ready for access.

Introduction to GEPCO

GEPCO, which stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company, was established on April 25th, 1998, with authorization to commence operations on June 5th, 1998. The Government of Pakistan recognized the necessity for a dedicated entity to manage water resources for electricity generation, thus leading to the formation of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). This department became the second-largest in terms of manpower in Pakistan, following the Pakistan Army.

In the early months of 1998, WAPDA underwent a restructuring, resulting in the creation of two primary sectors: WAPDA and PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company). Presently, WAPDA focuses solely on water resource management, while PEPCO oversees Generation Companies (GENCOs), the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC), and Distribution Companies (DISCOs)

GEPCO's Jurisdiction:

The areas falling under GEPCO’s jurisdiction include:

  • Gujranwala
  • Hafizabad
  • Gujrat
  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Mandi Baha-ud-din
Areas under GEPCO

Where to Pay Your GEPCO Bill:

Paying your GEPCO bills is convenient and hassle-free at the following customer service centers:

  • All Commercial National and Private Banks
  • All Post Offices across Pakistan
  • Easy Paisa shops or through your personal Easy Paisa mobile account
  • NADRA Collection Points
  • One Lin (if available)

GEPCO Headquarter Address and Phone Numbers

+92-55-9200504, +92-55-9200516, +92-55-9200592

FAQs About GEPCO Online Bill

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment, a charge applied to GEPCO bills by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority). It’s not a fixed charge and varies over time, with different rates appearing on GEPCO bills each month. Here’s a list of FPAs applied to GEPCO bills from January 2021 to May 2021.

Fuel Price Adjustment Rates


No, FPA on GEPCO bills does not remain constant; it changes over time. When fuel prices rise, FPA is debited on GEPCO bills, and when fuel prices decrease, consumers of GEPCO receive benefits.

You can lodge a complaint with GEPCO online through their website or helpline.

Yes, you can estimate your bill amount by entering your consumed units using the GEPCO Bill Calculator.

You can obtain a duplicate GEPCO bill by visiting pesco and entering your 14-digit reference number.

No, you cannot check your GEPCO bill with your name, CNIC, address, or meter number. The reference number is necessary for checking the GEPCO bill online. Alternatively, you can call the helpline or visit the nearest office.

To change the name on your GEPCO bill, you need to apply at the GEPCO office. The process for changing the name is the same as for a new connection.

Currently, this feature is not publicly available. However, you can call the helpline to confirm bill payments.

Yes, you can pay your GEPCO bill using your mobile account, such as Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash.

No, FPA changes only when fuel prices increase. In such cases, the government debits a certain amount from consumers’ bills. When fuel prices decrease, the government credits the amount back to consumers’ bills as per regulations.

Yes, if your bill is amended in the corresponding month, the FPA can be adjusted accordingly.

In conclusion, the GEPCO Online Bill system has brought about a significant revolution in how customers handle their electricity bills. Through this convenient and accessible platform, customers can effortlessly review and settle their bills without leaving their homes. This digital solution not only boosts efficiency but also minimizes paperwork while ensuring prompt bill management. GEPCO’s dedication to technological progress streamlines the billing process and elevates customer satisfaction levels.