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WASA LAHORE Duplicate Online Bill


Find Your WASA Lahore Bill is Here


You can view your bill(s) in a single step by giving your Account No.


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WASA LAHORE Duplicate Online Bill


Find Your WASA Lahore Bill is Here


You can view your bill(s) in a single step by giving your Account No.


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WASA Pakistan Online Bill Payment Guide 2024

In the vibrant urban landscape of Pakistan, staying abreast of utility bills is essential for residents. WASA (Water and Sanitation Agency) Pakistan recognizes the importance of efficient bill management, providing a seamless online platform for checking and paying water bills.

Visit www.bill.net.pk to effortlessly access your WASA Pakistan bill with a few clicks. This user-friendly portal simplifies the process, allowing residents to swiftly view, download, or print their monthly water bills. Whether for residential or commercial use, this service exemplifies WASA Pakistan’s dedication to customer convenience and digital empowerment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Your WASA Pakistan Bill in 2024:

  1. Locate Your Consumer Code: Find your unique 8-digit Consumer Code on your WASA bill.

  2. Bill Inquiry: Use the “Check Bill” function on www.bill.net.pk.
  3. View Your Bill: Your WASA Pakistan bill will be displayed on a new webpage.
  4. Print or Save Your Bill: Press ‘Ctrl + P’ to print or save your bill in PDF format.

Efficient Online Payment Methods for WASA Pakistan Bills:

Explore convenient online payment options for your water bills in Pakistan through:

  • Mobile Banking: Secure payments via your bank’s mobile app.

  • Jazz Cash: Convenient bill payments through the Jazz Cash mobile application.
  • EasyPaisa: Straightforward bill settlements using the EasyPaisa app.
  • Bank Website: Follow online payment instructions on your bank’s official website.

Three Convenient Online Payment Methods for WASA Pakistan Bills:

  1. Using the Jazz Cash App:

    • Access the online bill payment feature.
    • Enter ‘WASA‘ as the company name and your 8-digit customer code.
    • Complete the transaction and await payment confirmation.
  2. Using the EasyPaisa App:

    • Register with your CNIC number.
    • Select ‘Pay Your Bills’ and input your bill’s reference number.
    • Complete the payment process and wait for confirmation.
  3. Using Bank Apps:

    • Open your banking app, choose ‘Pay Bill,’ and select WASA as the biller.
    • Enter your bill’s reference number, complete the transaction, and receive email confirmation.

WASA Bill SMS Service: Sign Up for Convenience

  • Register with your SMS number and account number.

  • Receive your monthly water bill directly on your phone, ensuring timely payments without a physical invoice or website visit.

WASA Services in Pakistan:

  1. Clean Water Supply:

    • Focus on providing safe drinking water.
    • Regular quality checks and improvements to the water supply.
    • Promotion of responsible water usage through public awareness.
  2. Wastewater Management:

    • Handling wastewater transport, treatment, and disposal.
    • Use of advanced techniques for minimal environmental impact.

Introduction to WASA:

  • A commitment to providing safe drinking water and effective sewage treatment.

  • Adoption of modern technologies for improved service quality.

The History of WASA:

  • Origin linked to ADB Loan No. 1260-PAK (SF) for the “Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Project.”

  • Major Milestones:
    • July 1st, 1996: Takeover of essential infrastructure.
    • April 1st, 1998: Official establishment and operational start.

WASA Objectives:

  • Promoting sustainable development and meeting community needs.

  • Ensuring the supply of quality drinking water.
  • Effective sewage treatment and disposal to meet environmental standards.

WASA Pakistan Contact Information:

WASA Pakistan Head Office:

  • Address: Laiquat bagh Murree Road Pakistan
  • Phone Number: 051-5555489 | 051-5555493 WASA Helpline: 1334

For Online WASA Pakistan Complaints: 

Click here to file a complaint.

Application forms for new water and sewer connections are available at all sub-divisional offices of WASA. Interested individuals can obtain the form and follow the application process outlined by WASA.

Water bills can be paid at the cash counter of the following banks:

  • NADRA Kiosk Center
  • General Post Office
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Dawood Islamic Bank
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited

To change the connection category, consumers need to submit a written application to the Deputy Director Revenue Office of the respective area.

Part payment of water and sewerage bills is accepted on revised assessment, after the property owner sends an appeal to the related Revenue Office.

In case of a defective meter, consumers should send a written application to the concerned Revenue Office informing them about the repair along with a paid challan for meter testing. If the meter is found defective, the consumer has to pay for the new meter installed by a WASA engineer.

The demand will be raised based on the consumer’s average consumption over the previous six months.

Yes, ground water or water extracted from wells is a major source for WASA. Treatment processes may involve chlorination and sometimes filtration.

Contrary to popular belief, water that appears cloudy is not due to excess chlorine but rather due to air trapped in the water pipes.

For a change of name, the applicant needs to submit an attested photocopy of the sale deed, attested photocopy of CNIC, and photocopy of the last paid bill. If the property involves multiple parties, additional documentation or affidavits may be required.