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Lesco has introduced a user-friendly online billing facility, empowering consumers to effortlessly check their bills online. This service is offered by LESCO at no additional cost, exemplifying our commitment to providing top-quality service to our valued customers. By utilizing their unique static bill reference number, which remains constant for each consumer, individuals can conveniently access and download their LESCO duplicate bills.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Every consumer possesses a distinctive static bill reference number, facilitating online bill checks.
  2. This reference number or customer ID remains unchanged, ensuring seamless access to billing information.
  3. We recommend saving the reference number or customer ID in a secure location, such as the mobile contact list, for easy retrieval and payment convenience. 

Benefits of the Online Billing System:

In situations where customers face challenges such as non-receipt of physical bills due to address issues or misplacement, our online billing system proves invaluable. website allows customers to generate duplicate bills effortlessly without incurring additional charges.

Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Bills on LESCO Site:

  1. Visit or use Google to search for “LESCO”
  2. Navigate to the Electricity Bill page on the LESCO website.
  3. Enter your LESCO Bill Reference Number and press enter.
  4. The system will generate your latest month’s bill.
  5. Print a copy of the bill, and the duplicate printed bill is accepted at any LESCO Bill Receiving Agent Counter, including commercial banks, Small shops of OMNI, Easypaisa , Nadra eSahulat, etc.

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Lesco values customer feedback. We encourage all customers to provide suggestions on our site, enabling us to enhance our services continuously. Our technical teams are actively working to implement solutions, and your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our strategies.

Online Duplicate Bill Lesco:

For the convenience of Lahore Electric Supply Company customers, finding and generating online duplicate Lesco bills is a simple process through our user-friendly utility. Easily print or download your bill at your convenience.

In the dynamic landscape of utility services, Lesco and other Wapda companies are continuously improving their billing utilities to provide hassle-free services to customers. These efforts are crucial, especially in the wake of changing tariffs and the economic impact of events such as the global pandemic.

⚡ Please provide your reference number in LESCO Bill⚡

How to Check LESCO Bill Online

⚡ How to Check LESCO Bill Online❓

To view your LESCO duplicate bill online, you should provide your reference number. The reference number comprises your batch number, sub-division number, reference number, and R or U code.
Once you've inputted the reference number, simply click the 'Submit' button, and your present LESCO bill will be promptly displayed on the screen.

LESCO Electricity Unit Prices for Domestic Users in Lahore

Current Unit Prices in LESCO:

Consumption Range (Units)Rate (PKR per Unit)
1 – 10010.74
101 – 20013.06
201 – 30024.99

A1 General Supply Tariff-Residential

Sr. No.Tariff Category/Particulars Uniform Tariff Variable Charges (Rs/KWh)  Applicable Variable Charges 
a)For sanctioned load less than 5 kw      
iUp to 50 Units (life line) 6.76 3.95 
ii51-100 Units- (life line)  11.41 7.74 
iiiFor first 100 Units 13.51 7.74 
iva.101-200 Units  15.78 10.06 
v001-100 Units  22.51 16.48 
vi100-200Units  27.16 22.95 
vii201-300 Units 30.00 27.14 
viii301-400 Units 33.04 32.03 
ix401-500 Units  35.26 35.24 
x501-600 Units  36.50 36.66 
xi601-700 Units  37.90 37.80 
xiiAbove 700 Units 42.95 42.72 
b)For Sanctioned load 5 kW & above      
   PeakOff-PeakPeakOff- Peak 
 Time of Use38.5432.2541.8935.57 
As per Authority’s decision residential consomer will be given the benefits of only one previous slab 
Under Tariff A-1, there shall be minimum monthly customer charge at the following rates even if no energy is consumed. 
a) Single Phase connections: Rs. 75/- per consumer per month 
b) Three phase connection: Rs.150/- per consumer per month

A2 General Supply Tariff-Commercial

Sr. No.Tariff Category/ParticularsFixed Charges Rs/KW/MUniform Tariff Variable Charges (Rs/KWh)Applicable Variable Charges
a)For Sanctioned load less than 5 kW  500 37.37 37.75
b)For Sanctioned load 5 kW & above 39.73 39.43
c)Time of Use50040.1834.2541.3535.38
Under Tariff A-2, there shall be minimum monthly customer charge at the following rates even if no energy is consumed.
a) single phase connections: Rs. 175/- per consumer per month
b) Three phase connections: Rs. 350/- per consumer per month

Peak & Off-Peak Hours in LESCO:

LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) experiences peak hours during specific times of the day. Peak hours are observed from 5 PM to 11 PM.

Peak & Off-Peak Schedule in LESCO:

MonthsPeak HoursOff-Peak Hours
December – February5 PM to 9 PMRemaining 20 hours
March – May6 PM to 10 PMRemaining 14 hours
June – August7 PM to 11 PMRemaining 17 hours
September – November6 PM to 10 PMRemaining 14 hours

LESCO Peak Hours Rate (July 2023):

The peak hours rate varies based on the tariff category and electricity consumption.

Tariff CategoryPeak Hours Rate (PKR per Unit)
B1(b) (Up to 25 kW)37.89
B2(b) (25 to 500 kW)37.83
B3 (Up to 5000 kW)37.83

Revised LESCO Domestic Electricity Unit Rates:

Here’s a breakdown of the revised unit rates for domestic consumers:

Consumption Range (Units)Rate (PKR per Unit)
1 – 1009.42
101 – 20011.74
201 – 30013.83
301 – 40021.23
401 – 70021.23
Above 70024.33

Tariff Categories for Residential Consumers:

A1 General Supply Tariff – Residential:

Consumption Range (Units)Peak (PKR per kWh)Off-Peak (PKR per kWh)
Up to 50 Units (Life Line)13.517.74
51-100 Units (Life Line)11.417.74
101-200 Units15.7810.06
201-300 Units30.0027.14

Note: Uniform Tariff Variable Charges are applicable.

A2 General Supply Tariff – Commercial:

Consumption Range (kW)Peak (PKR per kWh)Off-Peak (PKR per kWh)
Less than 5 kW40.1834.25
5 kW & above39.7339.43

Note: Fixed Charges are applicable.

A3 General Services:

Consumption Range (kW)Peak (PKR per kWh)Off-Peak (PKR per kWh)
General Services37.7439.43

Note: Fixed Charges are applicable.

Industrial Supply Tariff (July 2023):

Tariff CategoryFixed Charges (PKR per kW)Peak (PKR per kWh)Off-Peak (PKR per kWh)
B1 (Up to 25 kW)34.3834.33
B2 (25 to 500 kW)500.0034.2233.83
B3 (Up to 5000 kW)46036.4130.84

Note: Time of Use is applicable for B2 consumers with fixed minimum charges.

Single Point Supply & Agriculture Tariff:

For detailed information on Single Point Supply and Agriculture Tariff, refer to the provided data.

New Electricity Tariff in Pakistan (2024):

As of October 2023 to March 2024, the new electricity tariff in Pakistan, according to NEPRA, is set at Rs 3.28 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for various consumer categories.

Note: Tariffs are subject to change; check with relevant authorities for the latest information.


1. What are LESCO Tariff Slabs?

LESCO tariff slabs categorize customers based on monthly electricity consumption, with different rates for each slab.

2. What are Peak and Off-Peak Hours?

Peak hours (5 PM to 11 PM) have higher electricity costs due to increased demand. Off-peak hours are the remaining hours, generally with lower costs.

3. How are rates calculated for high consumption?

High consumption incurs higher rates per unit, determined by applicable slabs.

4. What is the current LESCO tariff for residential consumers?

Residential rates vary by consumption, with different slabs and rates as mentioned in the provided data.

Disclaimer: Rates and information are based on available data and are subject to change; verify with relevant authorities for the latest details.